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January 14, 2018


First things first, my name is Rissa Thomas and I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I love to eat, drink, and travel; and I'm hands down one of the most ridiculous human beings you'll ever meet.


Over the years I've traveled the world a bit and caused a ruckus or two. I've made some questionable drunken decisions, met some strange and unusual people, and gotten lost... a lot. But honestly, every misadventure led to an amazing experience. 


Before every trip, I like to do my research to find out what a city is really about, but it seems like travel blogs these days only promote tourist attractions and share tips like, "Save money on transportation and buy a day pass," or "Make sure you pack good shoes!" These are not helpful. This is common sense. I swear some of these people have never actually been to the city they are blogging about. And if I have to read one more post about how I should roll my clothes instead of fold them, I'm gonna scream.


So I've decided to share my travel secrets with you. I'll show you how to find the best food and the strongest drinks. I'll also give you real tips like, don't take an overnight train, hide your valuables in food containers on the beach, and don't get on a Vespa with an insane Italian.


Hopefully when I share my crazy ass stories it will inspire you to make your own questionable decisions and have the time of your life.




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