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November 20, 2018


Sometimes I get back from such an amazing trip that I don't know where to start. I want to tell you all about the amazing food I ate and the fantastic things I did, but there's so much to share that I fear I may be retelling my tales for months. (Perhaps I should just get started on my memoir.)


Just know that you should never go on a trip with expectations. Nothing ever goes as planned. No matter how hard you try, there are elements that are completely out of your hands. Sometimes that can be disappointing, but other times it's utterly life changing. 


One more piece of advice: Don't hole yourself up when you're on a trip. Experiencing a city isn't just about visiting museums and monuments, it's about getting to know the culture and having an amazing time in the process. Your friends don't want to hear about the history of Big Ben, they want to hear about the shenanigans you got into with big Ben. (See what I did there.) So head to that little pub on the corner and get to know the neighborhood and its people. And if the opportunity arises, say yes to that drink with the much younger guy, or to breakfast with the silver fox. The biggest life changes can come in the smallest moments.


More to come.




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