Murals in the Market | Detroit, Michigan

September 17, 2018


When I tell people I'm from Detroit, they picture me roaming through some post apocalyptic city filled with murder and mayhem. They can't seem to imagine the beautiful, energetic city I describe to them today.


Don't get my wrong, Detroit has had it's struggles - murder, corruption, poverty - but there's something about hitting rock bottom that brings a community together. When a city isn't there to support the people, the people must support one another. So artists have inspired, activists have lead, and millennials have moved ( the city because it's dirt cheap).


The result? Lonely Planet's must-see city in the United States in 2018.


 (Artist @tonyrave working on his 2018 mural in Eastern Market)



One event that has been enhancing experiences in Detroit is Murals in the Market. Over the last four years, 1xRUN and Eastern Market Corporation have brought artists in from around the world to produce over 125 murals in the Eastern Market District of Detroit.


Political statements, call-to-actions, tributes and more are scattered along warehouses, sheds, local businesses, and even potholes. Some pieces are as small as your hand, while others span over 80 feet. To say it is an impressive collection of work is an understatement.


Murals in the Market is not just about street art, it's a creative platform that sparks community engagement. Throughout the 10-day festival, people are invited to interact with artists as they're developing their pieces. Some visitors simply observe and take pictures; Others ask questions and make acquaintances. 


I could sit here and talk about this event for hours, but I encourage you to visit the city and see how amazing this is first hand. 



The 4th annual MITM runs September 13-22. Check out their website for a map, list of artists, and schedule of events. There are free parties, meet and greets, panel discussions, bonfires, walking tours, and more. And the best part? It's free.


If you can't make it to Detroit during those dates, don't fret. You can head to the Eastern Market District anytime to check out the power pieces. 


Be sure to follow the MITM Instagram account to watch all of the artists' progress.










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