TRUE Carry-On Essentials

May 12, 2018

There are so many lifestyle bloggers out there sharing their "essentials" for every situation, but they're clearly getting paid to sell the product of the day. Unfortunately, people are still buying into it! It's absolutely terrible. 


For example, I found this awful post on Pinterest:

I mean, come on. A $100 camera strap?? STOP. And everything is brand specific! Not just "lotion," but Aesop Handcream (which is $25 for 2oz!). I can't handle these people.


Then I found this:

What the actual fork is this?! 


A Kate Spade shoe bag???  Go fork yourself. 


Another post I found had an eye mask, and then a whole pouch dedicated to fixing her eye makeup after wearing the eye mask. Including a lash curler! Just don't wear the eye mask. Problem solved.


(Btw, I haven't seen someone wearing an eye mask on a plane in years.)


Also, are you really going to do your makeup on a plane? Unless you're immediately stepping out to a business meeting, it can wait. I promise no one is noticing your lack of eye shadow upon exiting the plane. 


Now to the legit stuff.


This girl has 3 Snickers in her bag so she knows what's up:


I'm glad I'm not the only one who packs 3 cameras/lenses. The small lens to the left of the charger is a wide angle lens for your phone. I recently got one (and a macro lens) and love it!

I got the Luxsure 100° Wide Angle Lens. It's like $26 and it's perfect for when I'm packing light or don't want to carry around my large camera all day. Plus I'm less worried about theft. 




So what are my carry-on essentials?

(If I'm checking a bag... which is rare.)


 (Not pictured: Phone cord for charging, my water bottle that I left at work like an idiot, my battered wallet/small purse, and the amount of snacks I truly take with me. I mean I've literally taken a gyro and half of a pizza with me before. Ya gotta do it for cheap long haul flights. I'm tellin' ya. See my other post.)


Snacks, Snacks, Snacks


Lotion - My ride or die lotions is Jergens Ultra Healing. Use it all day every day.

Chapstick - My favorite thing to use on my lips is actually straight up Vaseline. Unlike Chapstick, it doesn't dry out your skin. Vaseline heals and therefore softens your lips. My friends think I'm weird, but they all secretly do it now. Softest lips in the galaxy. Just do it. They have small tubs for travel too. 


Cell phone - Do I really need to put this on the list? People take their phones everywhere. Even into public restrooms. I've found so many phones on toilet dispensers and hand rails. Gross. Don't forget to clean your phone, kids.


Headphones - I don't pack noise canceling headphones because they're just too damn big. 


Entertainment - Downloaded videos on my phone, Sudoku (small book or app), book (eReader, paper, or audio), or a magazine. Most things I need are on my phone so I don't have to worry about packing and hassling with an iPad, a laptop, a kindle, and a paper book. No thanks.

Portable charger - Since I use my phone for everything, I'm constantly charging it. The one shown is huge, but it's fast charging and stores enough power for a week. Don't forget to bring your charging cord on the plane (like I did once).



Water bottle - If you don't want to carry around a water bottle for your whole trip, just take an empty plastic one and refill it at the airport. Then ditch it after the flight. Buying a water at the airport is like $3 and that's just stupid.


Deodorant and a pair of underwear - World's fastest "shower." 


Wallet, small purse, and/or any valuables - Once the airport loses your first bag, you learn to trust no one.


Passport - Obviously.


Extras: Antibacterial, Gum, Toothbrush/paste




Everything else is just weighing me down. 




If you wear flip flops to the airport, bring socks. I made the mistake of not doing that once and my feet were freezing. Usually I just on my feet when they're cold, but that's not feasible in coach seats. Ugh.


Skip the neck pillow and take a sweater/sweatshirt on the plane to rest your head on. It frees up room in your check bag, provides warmth if you get cold on the plane, and you don't have to carry around a useless neck pillow your whole trip.


If you still think you need a neck pillow, check out the Trtl Pillow. It's like a scarf with built in neck support. It will take up less room in your bag and it provides much better neck support. (Link below)




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The products above were chosen specifically for this post by me alone.

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