Dishoom | London, UK

January 20, 2018

--------------------------------------------  Vegetable Samosas and the East India Gimlet


I've heard amazing things about Dishoom, so I wanted it to be my first stop in London. Dishoom has multiple locations, but the closest one to me was in Covent Garden. When I arrived, it was an hour wait... in the cold rain. Cool. Great. Love this.


I had only gotten a few hours of sleep before I began my travels, and at this point I had been up for 28 hours. Sleeping wasn't an option. I only had a few days in London and I planned on taking advantage of every minute I was there. Thankfully the hostesses of Dishoom come around with chai. Oh man. Not only did this give me life in a time of need, but it was the best chai I've ever had. And I'm a chai snob. One of the hostesses must have seen the struggle in my eyes because she came back and filled my chai three times. No one else. Just me. I wasn't even offended. I honestly could have kissed her.


When my table was finally ready, the server poured me a water and then ignored me because he thought I was waiting for another person. Now let's get a few things straight, servers. Some people eat alone and actually prefer it. Don't judge me when I say I don't have anyone joining me. And DO NOT take 5 minutes to clear the extra set on the table. Just leave it. There are better things you could be doing... Like taking my order. I'm hangry. Don't mess with a big black woman when she's hangry.


After finally placing my order, I tried to snap some pics, but I was in the most awkward spot possible. I was positioned at the end of a communal table with my back to the entire restaurant. It didn't help that everyone was watching me. Probably because I was alone and they felt sorry for me. Jokes on you people, I'm a strong independent woman and I do what I want. Anyway, I'm convinced that food bloggers invade other people's space in order to capture just the right shots. Or they're one of "those" people that demand a specific table even on an hour wait list. I'm only willing to take so many photos when I review food. I'm not there to take pictures, I'm there to eat. I refuse to stand on chairs and twist plates around for 30 minutes. 


Here's what was on the table at Dishoom:

(These descriptions are straight from the menu.)



Drink: East India Gimlet

- The old-established drink devised for sailors to evade scurvy. Portobello Road Gin with Rose's lime and a touch of celery bitters.


Appetizer: Vegetable Samosas

- Fine filo pastry, pea and potato filling warmly spiced with cinnamon and cloves.


Main Course: House Black Daal

- A Dishoom signature dish - dark, rich, deeply flavoured. It is cooked over 24 hours for extra harmony.


Sides: Plain Naan & Steamed Basmati Rice


Thoughts: I wanted to order more, but I didn't want to carry leftovers all over the city. Even though I only got to try a few things, it was all delicious. I could honestly eat that daal every day. The samosas were good. Heavy on the cinnamon and clove, but it balanced perfectly with their green chutney. Ugh. I want more. 


My advice: Don't go on a weekend and take friends if you want to try more things. Or just order 10 lbs. of food for yourself and eat like a boss. 


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