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You don't have to be rich and fit to see and experience what the world has to offer.

No one does Christmas like London does. I don't care what you say. The city is filled with festive decor, amazing Christmas markets, delicious food, strong cocktails, and endless activities. The days might be cold and short, but the warm glow of Christmas lights at nig...

In January I took a long weekend away from work and stayed at DUKES Hotel in London. I don't normally stay in 5-star luxury hotels, but I was in London during the off-season and got such a good deal on the room that I had to take it. When I'm offered a luxury hotel at...

When I tell people I'm from Detroit, they picture me roaming through some post apocalyptic city filled with murder and mayhem. They can't seem to imagine the beautiful, energetic city I describe to them today.

Don't get my wrong, Detroit has had it's stru...

Flights to London are getting cheaper and cheaper, but unfortunately, the city is still expensive as hell.

When you first get to London, the prices don’t seem too bad - £5 for a pint, £15 for fish & chips, £4 for a coffee, etc. Then you remember the exchange rate and re...

It's easy to transform a simple trip to the Vatican Museums into a miserable travel experience. Like most people, my friend and I didn't visit this massive institution to see classic statues and holy relics; we went to admire the Sistine Chapel. However, getting to the...

I love a good adventure in an unlikely location, putting a spin on traditional explorations, or going to strange/unusual events around the world. So what's on my ultimate bucket list?

Surf in Japan

(I should probably learn how to surf first...)

Most people don't think of...

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